Number One

Exactly four years ago – give or take a week – I started my first blog called, Life & Times of a New Dad. That blog led to a book GO-TO-GUIDES for GUYS: ABCs for Expectant Dads (Dalmatian Press, 2007), which leads us to this new blog, Skadaddling. Not sure exactly what to write to start this all off, I figured I’d go back to my roots. Four years ago, I wrote:

As of today, my wife is 35 weeks pregnant. Five more weeks and I’ll be a dad (though, it should be noted that as my wife reminds me because she has read every conceivable online article about pregnancy and childbirth, the kid could enter this world in as little as two weeks or as many as seven).

It’s enough to make you continue wondering…how the hell did we get here? That answer is found in a simple mathematical riddle: When does 180 seconds = 40 years (give or take)?

The answer: When a quickie gets your wife knocked up. Yep, our little guy is the result of 180 seconds (of course, counting foreplay, which went something like, “you ready?”) of the most beautiful connection two people can possibly share at 2:00 in the morning with a 5:00 AM wake-up call looming in the way-too-near future. 180 seconds and 35 weeks later and we find ourselves waiting for September 9th.

There’s a great deal of pressure that comes from writing the first post of a new blog. It’s a first impression. And if we’ve learned anything in this digital era of blink-and-you’ll-miss-it media, you may never even get a chance to make a first impression. (Of course, the opposite is also true. With the 24/7 news cycle, some stories just never go away. Anyone else hear that Michael Jackson passed away?) I truly hope that you’ll give this a chance. You’ll read it. And read it some more.

Mostly, I’ll be writing about my experiences as a dad. And, most of those experiences will be in Marin. I’ll write about the kid (K-Man), the wife (G) and the dog (H). I’ll also write about sports, and if my book is any indication, I might mention golf, porn and/or work from time to time. I hope that’s enough to keep you entertained (or even annoyed). More to come. Enjoy.

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