What Were You For Halloween?

The kid was Spider-Man and wanted me to be the Green Goblin. Surprisingly, I couldn’t really find any authentic Green Goblin costumes. And, the one(s) I could find weren’t in a price range that I would deem, real. (If I’m gonna spend that kind o’ Jack, I’ll buy myself something pretty.)
So, I bought a crap load of green makeup, green hair dye, a mask, put on a green shirt and wore a green light stick around my neck. True, I could have easily been the Hulk (or worse, Kermit), but damnit, this was my impersonation of The Green Goblin.

Nobody knew what I was doing. Even K-Man was nonplussed, “Dad, the Green Goblin doesn’t have a green face!” Worse is that he said it with a tone that left the final word known, but unsaid, “dumbass.” So, after telling people, “No, I’m the Green Goblin” for the 100th time, I finally got smart.

“What are you,” a poor unsuspecting ghoul asked. “Me? I’m just a dad.”

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