It’s Just Lunch

I was talking to one of K-Man’s best friend’s dad last weekend at soccer practice. The dad was on his own because his wife (K-Man’s friend’s mom) was out of the country due to a death in the family. I asked the dad how he was holding up and he responded, “I can handle it. I’m their dad. Why are people so amazed when I tell them that?”


My friends and I actually talk about this quite a bit (makes for great golf course fodder). Why is it so surprising that a father can take care of his kid (or kids) when the wife/partner/insert appropriate term here is away? Fathers ARE parents, too, right? Right?

I have this competition with myself when I prepare K-Man’s lunch for school. For some stupid reason I feel this great sense of satisfaction when he eats everything I’ve given him. Hah! He liked MY lunch. (And, yes…I sometimes check to see if he eats everything my wife puts in his lunch.)

It’s silly to think that Dad can’t handle things when Mom is away. And, the mommy bloggers would have you believe that dads are total idiots who aren’t to be trusted. K-Man’s friend’s dad is exactly right to wonder why people expect him to fail, or for whatever reason not be able to handle doing his job. Of course he can handle it.

I love being out with K-Man and having a day together – two men. It’s great to take him to soccer practice and out to lunch. It’s awesome to watch him at the park as he attempts to swing across the monkey bars (his latest effort). I’ll even set up play dates. I’ll make him dinner. I’ll read to him. I’ll put him down. I’ll teach him that it’s not okay to say certain words. (And, I’ll try like hell to refrain from laughing when he does use them.)

So, why the fascination with dads being…dads? I really don’t get it. Anyone?


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