Forgive me, readers for I have sinned

I blinked and a month is nearly gone.

I knew January was going to be a tough month as the real world came barreling back into focus after nearly three weeks off in December, but I was wholly unprepared for the assault. But, as always, there’s a lesson in this madness.

I’m writing this from the desert. It’s after midnight. And I have a huge day of work ahead of me, which will start in a scant few hours. That’s okay. I’m excited about this day ahead. You see, I created and my company is producing a new Web series that is getting some serious early buzz in the social media space. It’s a project about which I’m terribly passionate. (WARNING: Fairly adult content if you click on this link! That said, we invite you to become a fan!)

So, what’s the lesson? I’m nearly 42 years old and I’m finally, really, truly finally (I think) doing exactly what I want to be doing. I’m finally, really, truly finally (I think) following my passions, throwing caution to the wind (not all caution, but a lot of it) and just seeing what happens.

I’m going to chase the damn dream, after all.

Early in 2009 I dedicated my year to “Family, Health & Prosperity.” I reminded myself of it, often, and I was surprised by some of the results. I reconnected with so many members of my family – some long lost, some estranged and some just flat-out strange. I ran my first marathon and discovered that prosperity means so much more than just the bottom line.

It was a hugely successful personal experiment. As a result, 2010 will be dedicated to “Optimism & Gratitude” (while maintaining what was started last year). It’s going to be a year of new discoveries, new challenges and new experiences. I can’t wait to tackle kayaking and run that second marathon. I can’t wait to teach my kid how good it feels to want to give someone a gift instead of always wanting one given to him. I really do love feeling optimistic and grateful. It’s a daily reminder to check your perspective at the door.

And, I think it’s a daily reminder to remember what’s really important. A daily reminder to pick your battles and focus on the vision. And the passion. Happy New Year (however late!).

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