Da Bull(ie)s

While playing at the park yesterday, K-Man had his first run-in with bullies. At least it was the first run-in that I’ve witnessed. Sure, he has the occasional flare up with a fried, but these two kids were outright a-holes. It’s weird to think that about an eight or nine-year old, but that’s exactly what I was thinking. I wanted to kick their asses.

K-Man and his buddy were riding their scooter & bike when, from out of nowhere, these two little sh*t heads came running up behind K-Man demanding that he give them his scooter. K-Man was visibly shaken as he hunched his shoulders and told the boys to leave him alone. They just kept coming.

At first, I just kind of watched. I was in a state of shock. These two kids had brass balls. There were parents around and they couldn’t have cared less as they purposefully tried to take K-Man’s scooter. Ultimately, they took another kid’s scooter – only to get reprimanded by one of the moms that was on the playground. But…that didn’t stop them. Back they came.

I approached them. And they ran. They came back. This game went on for some time. I was pissed. Had I actually managed to “catch” them, I’m not sure what I would have done. So, I looked for their parents. No luck. Finally, I explained to K-Man that these two boys were evil superheros and that their super power was “attention.” If you give them “attention,” they get stronger and will come back. If you ignore them and take away their attention, they will disappear. Good story. I was wrong.

Finally, I simply said, “These two boys are four-and-a-half years old. Does it make you cool to chase them?” They chuckled. Now, I really wanted to kick their asses. But I didn’t have to. K-Man’s friend’s oldest brother took care of it, “Don’t let me catch you bothering my brother again.” That was all it took.

I still want to kick their asses.

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