We Need To Be Smart

Every day, there seems to be one news story of another that makes parents feel sad. These are stories about kids getting hurt…or worse. I just read one about a three-year old girl who was hit by a line drive at Dodgers Stadium during batting practice. I pray that she is going to be okay after her surgery this morning. I feel badly for her family and especially her father who apparently took her to the game.

I don’t know if this was the little girl’s first game or 50th. I don’t know any details at all. What I do know is that I have taken K-Man to a game and I would never sit that close to the field. He doesn’t understand the rules of the game well enough. He can’t pay attention long enough. Lou Seal is more important than Barry Zito. And people dressing like giant pandas are more interesting than the “real” Panda, Pablo Sandoval. Watching for foul balls? What’s a foul ball?

I don’t blame this dad. I would never do that. This is an accident of accidents that requires no blame. It’s simply sad. But, as I read lots of stories, it’s obvious that some of our kids are getting hurt because the parents just aren’t making smart decisions. Let’s be smart.

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