An Epic First

There’s no doubt that parenting is filled with amazing firsts – first word, first steps, first crap in the toilet instead of a diaper. These are magical, wonderful, memorable times that will never, ever be forgotten. This past weekend, we have another first to report – and it’s one for the ages.

But first – a quick story about how kids might be growing up faster than we did.

We had a friend visit us last week – one of G’s best friends from high school and life. K-Man loves this woman and was telling his little buddy, B-Man, that she was going to be staying with us. He was animated and excited as he told B all about her. B responded, as only an almost five-year old can, with, “Is she hot?” Not quite five years old. Not sure even I was asking such things at five. You go, B.

Back to our epic first.

K-Man is on quite a Star Wars kick these days. It’s all Star Wars all the time. I saw the original movie when I was 9 or 10 and was petrified. K has seen bits and pieces of a couple of them and is mesmerised. So, this week, K-Man got his first pair of boxers – Star Wars, of course. They look pretty good on the kid, too. I think I was in college before I got my first pair. Maybe even later. You go, K-Man. You’re way ahead of your old man. In so many ways.

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