Picture Day

I look forward to K-Man’s annual school picture day. Not only do I get a new picture for my wallet, but the picture also provides a snapshot of his latest passions. His school pictures have showcased his obsession with fire fighters, or Batman. This year’s picture (sadly) captured his latest love of the (I can’t even write this)…New York Yankees. (Fortunately, as of the writing of this post, he’s rocking his Giants shirt.)

Besides K-Man’s choice of shirt/obsession, the pictures are snapshots of his crazy hair. While that might read funny, it’s important to know that the kid has wild hair. It’s crazy curly. It goes all over the place. There’s very little rhyme or reason to it. He’s never had a real, in-the-store haircut. And it’s awesome. Crazy awesome.

So, it was a total drag to get this year’s picture. As if the Yankees shirt wasn’t bad enough, this year the photographer decided to comb down his wild, crazy hair. The photographer decided to part his hair. Yeah, he’s my kid and all, but K-Man looked ridiculous. Why was it so important that he have parted hair?

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