February? Let’s Talk Halloween!

February is upon us and that can only mean one thing: Halloween.

As the Vegas oddsmakers work diligently to take as much Super Bowl money as they can, K-Man is starting to set the early lines for where his Halloween costume choice is likely to end up:

  • In a shocking move, and after a huge investment in Star Wars stuff, it appears that a second run as Anakin Skywalker has low odds at 8-1.
  • Coming it at 4-1, and what will likely be the big mover as October draws closer, is Harry Potter.
  • The early favorite and big surprise is the LEGO Ninjago Jay at 2-1.

Ninjago Jay we literally discovered less than 24 hours ago and has already captured the kid’s attention and imagination. And, for good reason – Ninjago Jay is blue. Duh. Ever the role player and Method actor, K-Man’s new infatuation with Ninjago Jay and ongoing fascination with the color blue may very well be a sign that his future as a member of the Blue Man Group might not be too far off. Time will tell.

I love the fact that Halloween is so important to K-Man and kids in general. It’s a beacon that they grasp onto early in their lives and use it like the North Star to help them navigate time (for which they have little use or understanding). Birthdays, holidays (especially those that come with presents) and Halloween are the key markers on a kid’s life. It’s February, Halloween 2010 is closer than Halloween 2011, and the kid is already planning and plotting.

Perhaps there’s a lesson:

We have a family friend who once said, “You never miss the chance to celebrate happy occasions.” I don’t know that Halloween was what he meant. More likely, he was talking about weddings, births, etc., but K-Man’s enthusiasm for a day that is basically nine months away makes me want to amend what our friend said. “Never miss the chance to celebrate.”

LEGO Ninjago Jay: Here we come.

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