Thanks for the Reminders: Measuring What Really Matters

It’s become customary to offer a status update thanking people for the birthday wishes that find their way to our Facebook walls. But, wow, as I look at the names on my wall today, and think of the places where we’ve all met and the experiences that we’ve all shared, I feel like such an update isn’t enough. I’m touched. Frankly, I’m overwhelmed. Most importantly, however, I’m reminded.

  • I’m reminded that our personal relationships are the truly the foundation on which our lives are built. People, and the experiences that we share, are what make up a life well lived.
  • I’m reminded that, although we get tremendously caught up in the day-to-day challenges that we all face, we need to stop and remember the love that we all have for each other. We’re never alone in this world.
  • I’m reminded that we should never miss the opportunity to celebrate a special occasion. Any special occasion. I’m talking about our own, but also those of our friends. Their success is our success. That just feels good.
  • I’m reminded that while birthdays provide a wonderful reason to reach out and wish someone well, being on the receiving end of such wishes feels amazing. Let’s not always wait for milestones like birthdays. We need to let our friends know how we feel about them every day. It’s such an easy thing to do…and the resulting feeling of that small action is huge. In a way, this makes every day a special occasion. And, how cool is it to celebrate every single day!
  • I’m reminded that there’s far too much good in the world to focus on the bad.
  • I’m reminded that I’m loved. Maybe that’s silly, but we all need to remember this. We need to allow ourselves (and I especially need to allow myself) the ability to see ourselves through our friends’ eyes. Yes, we will probably forever be our own worst critics, but if we can start to cheer for ourselves the way our friends do…wow.
  • And there’s more, but this is just supposed to be a “thank you post, right?”

The bottom line is that in the course of my day job, my colleagues and I are often called upon to provide “measurement” for the marketing efforts we execute on behalf of our clients. We often have to show the “return on investment,” or provide evidence of the “engagement” levels of our campaigns. And that stuff is important. Without it, there’d be no clients. No job. Obviously, this provides stress as mortgages and other bills need to be paid. I get that.

But knowing so many people have taken time – even just a couple of seconds – out of their days to think of me is a whole different kind of measurement: The measurement of a life well lived. Thank you for the reminders. Thank to you my friends from Israel, camp, high school and beyond. Thank you for reminding me that life is measured by the friends you keep. And the love. If today is any indication, I’m way ahead. And, with apologies to (and paraphrasing) Lou Gehrig, today I feel like the luckiest guy on the face of the earth.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you…

7 thoughts on “Thanks for the Reminders: Measuring What Really Matters

  1. What an awesome post. Thanks for spreading the love. Thanks for taking the time to craft and share this. And it is a good reminder to all of us, too, about how good it feels to see a friend so happy.

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