One night, after telling my son that I had a bad day, my then six-year old son challenged me, “Maybe you should do some gratefuls, daddy.” That’s what we called recounting three things we were grateful for each night.

I took this challenge to Twitter and wrote something like, “Worked out. Wrote. Played with my son. #ADayWellLived.” And immediately felt better. “Today is going to be a day well lived” instantly became something of a morning mantra. An intention. Next, I started a Facebook community that grew to more than 100,000 members in its first year (and now has nearly 300,000).

It’s become a passion project and today, nine years later, I’m still creating content every day. At one point, I thought I might try to monetize it. “A smaller version of Life Is Good” is what I’d tell people. But that’s not what it’s for. Even nine years in, ADWL is still evolving. It’s just about better connecting people–to ourselves, each other, and our surroundings.

It’s been said that we should “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Well, that’s what this is all about. This isn’t about one person. It’s about all of us. It’s about a desire to be more grateful. A desire to help people. A desire to truly inspire. Gratefully Inspired.