On Strength Training and a Different Kind of Renewable Energy

A while back, I Tweeted, “To all those people who would rather rip on something than celebrate it – I hope your days get better so optimism finds room to shine,” a friend replied, “my favorite Pollyanna ;->.” A week or so after this, after I told a different friend about how physically destroyed IContinue reading “On Strength Training and a Different Kind of Renewable Energy”

On Yoga, Expectations and A Day Well Lived

In my professional life (Read: The one that pays the bills), there is always extensive talk about “managing expectations,” which is often best explained by the well-worn cliché, “under promise and over deliver.” I used to be a major proponent of this practice. No so much anymore. Like “personal branding,” I find the whole thingContinue reading “On Yoga, Expectations and A Day Well Lived”

On Searching for a Voice

I have some good friends. The ones who challenge me. The ones who call me on my shit. And, most definitely, the ones who send me texts, emails and Facebook messages asking me why I haven’t written anything for a long, long, long time. I appreciate the fact that maybe they actually want to readContinue reading “On Searching for a Voice”

On “Near Pressure” and the Quest for Perfection

When I was a kid, I learned all about peer pressure and how to deal with it. At some point, however, peer pressure morphed into what I’m calling “near pressure” (for no other reason than it rhymes with peer pressure). For the sake of these thoughts, I’m defining near pressure as the pressure I feelContinue reading “On “Near Pressure” and the Quest for Perfection”

On Birthdays, Piles of Rocks & Love

When I was a kid, I absolutely loved my birthday. Truth be told, I loved my birthday for well beyond the years that I might be described as “a kid.” I wanted to celebrate. I wanted to be surrounded by friends, family and anyone I had ever met. Another year was in the books. AnotherContinue reading “On Birthdays, Piles of Rocks & Love”

On Gratitude, A Guy Named Jerry and a Dog Named Sandy

Earlier this week I let a slight jab in the gut become a huge kick in the b*lls. What definitely should have hurt a little, disabled me for a day. Maybe more. I hated that I lost two days because I couldn’t handle what amounts to a hiccup. A hurdle. I lost my sense ofContinue reading “On Gratitude, A Guy Named Jerry and a Dog Named Sandy”

On 2013: The Year of “One Thing”

There’s a scene in movie “City Slickers” when Curly tells Billy Crystal’s character that the secret to life is “one thing.” What’s the one thing? Well, it’s different for everyone. But if we can find our “one thing,” the world falls into place. Of course, it’s not so easy. For the last couple of years,Continue reading “On 2013: The Year of “One Thing””

On 2012 and Finishing Strong

  My seven year-old son woke me up at 2:45 yesterday morning. He said he heard a scary sound. Apparently, the rain and wind knocked over a plant outside his window and, well, I can imagine what it sounded like to his little ears. As we walked back down the stairs to his room, IContinue reading “On 2012 and Finishing Strong”

On 31:56:12 and Enjoying the Journey

Last week, while on a run, my watch stopped. I finished the eight miles and the time was stopped at 31:56:12. I had just finished a relaxing, free run on one of my favorite trails and I was pissed. How fast had I run? How long did it really take me? How could I possiblyContinue reading “On 31:56:12 and Enjoying the Journey”