What’s it like working with me? I hoped for an answer saying I was a pain in the a$$.

I believe our best lives and biggest successes are all about creating deeper connections. These are connections we make to ourselves, our communities, and to our place in the world. These connections answer how we want to show up each and every day. They are the foundation for our happiness, our health, the art we create, the love we make, and the joy we feel. Our connections are the foundation for A Day Well Lived.

After a 30-year career in brand building, marketing, communications, coaching, and more, I work with individuals and organizations of all shapes and sizes. My experiences include being the founder and chief creative officer of a Bay Area-based creative shop, Skadaddle Media. I grew the agency from conception to employing more than 20 staffers while bringing in millions of dollars in annual fees. I oversaw and developed all creative for Skadaddle, which counted Mutual of OmahaAirstreamSovos Brands, and Oracle among our clients. We created and produced national advertising campaigns, experiential tours, social media campaigns, iPhone applications, attention-grabbing events, and even developed and sold an animated golf-themed TV show.

Prior to starting Skadaddle, I worked with leading companies like Rogers & CowanHill & and TiVo, I worked on the largest events in the world, including World Cup (soccer)Super BowlRose BowlIronman Triathlon and Pete Newell Challenge, among others. I also engaged with athletes and teams like Shaquille O’NealGabby ReeceKeyshawn JohnsonJoe Namath and the SF 49ers, and managed marketing communications programs for brands like adidasDoritosMazdaColumbia TriStar Home VideoMirage Resorts and others.

I also work with individuals, high schoolers, college students, and young professionals. I speak about “The Art of Connection” on college campuses, and and am deep into the millionth draft of my second book, DINNER AT GOD’S HOUSE. I live in Mill Valley, CA, with my wife, an expert in digital art and NFTs, 17-year-old son, a hip-hop producer, and 6-year-old Australian Shepherd.

“Great coaches help you build the skills, resilience, and self-awareness to make better, more confident decisions for the rest of your life. That’s what Todd did for me, and more than a decade later, I’m grateful every day for the lasting impact he’s had — and continues to have — on my life.

Leonard Markidan, Chief Marketing Officer, Podia

Giving Back

ADWL supports a variety of mental health organizations by donating a percentage of proceeds from all of our efforts. We look forward to sharing that work as we grow.

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