On the Backcountry, Danger and Finding Balance

It’s been two weeks since my friend Jeff and I walked out of the Colorado wilderness after our four-night and five-day backpacking adventure. It’s been two weeks since I’ve spent time each day looking at a blinking cursor, trying desperately to answer the most frequently asked question: How was your trip? Like last year’s adventure,Continue reading “On the Backcountry, Danger and Finding Balance”

Crashing Plates, $600MM and Owning the Funk

My writing process is reasonably simple. I get a clear thought in my head, or I see/read/experience something inspiring and the resulting ideas come flowing through my fingers. When I don’t get that clear thought, however, when I don’t have some idea for an opening sentence…I can’t get started. It’s not even so much aboutContinue reading “Crashing Plates, $600MM and Owning the Funk”

The Imbalance of Balance

(Note: This is a rewrite of an earlier post.) Chances are you’ve either read, been part of, or have overheard this conversation: Person A: How are you doing? Person B: I’m a wreck. I’m really feeling out of balance. The conversation continues with the reasons that have led to this feeling of imbalance. They’re allContinue reading “The Imbalance of Balance”