On Broken Dreams, Raging Rapids and the Calm

I’m terribly behind in my thoughts. It’s not that I’m not having them. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Every time I sit down to write one thing, I end up starting 10 thoughts, but nothing finished. It makes me feel a bit manic. Crazy. Insane. What I should say is that I’m terribly behindContinue reading “On Broken Dreams, Raging Rapids and the Calm”

Who Do You Want to Call?

Sometimes I have incredibly vivid dreams. I’m not talking about the kind of dreams I wrote about in my last post, but the sleeping kind of dreams. Sure there are the vivid, “Wow, I had the craziest dream last night,” kind. You know the ones where you’re riding your camel down the middle of theContinue reading “Who Do You Want to Call?”

The Joy of Success: We All Have a Dream

I recently failed at my attempt to have an important and reasonably intense conversation with my six-year old son, for whom deeply focusing on ice cream, cookies and video games is apparently far easier and more satisfying than the confusing concepts I tried to get him to understand. In the spirit of the day, IContinue reading “The Joy of Success: We All Have a Dream”