Thanks for the Reminders: Measuring What Really Matters

It’s become customary to offer a status update thanking people for the birthday wishes that find their way to our Facebook walls. But, wow, as I look at the names on my wall today, and think of the places where we’ve all met and the experiences that we’ve all shared, I feel like such anContinue reading “Thanks for the Reminders: Measuring What Really Matters”

Family (In)Sanity

Thanksgiving is upon us. I know this because of all the “Is it me or is anyone else amazed that it’s already Thanksgiving” posts/status updates on Facebook. With Thanksgiving comes the annual questions about what everyone is doing, where everyone is going and whether or not the crazy aunt, uncle, brother, sister, in-law or whomeverContinue reading “Family (In)Sanity”

The Best of Family in the Worst of Times

Craig was, by all accounts, an amazing guy. Patriotic soldier. Committed husband. Accomplished carpenter. And…unbelievable dad. Yes, Craig and his wife (let’s call her Leslie) had three kids – all of whom were under the age of four when his helicopter crashed – the youngest, basically a newborn.