“You’re Doing It Wrong!” A Look At Perspective

With a few years of parenting under my belt, one of my favorite movie scenes comes from “Mr. Mom.” As Michael Keaton adjusts to being a stay-at-home-dad and struggles to take care of his kids after losing his job, his son tells him, “You’re doing it wrong!” That’s how I feel about perspective. I oftenContinue reading ““You’re Doing It Wrong!” A Look At Perspective”

Life. In Real Life.

Yesterday was one of those particularly rough travel days. Flights delayed. Connections missed. And another unplanned night away from home. (Although, six hours in the Sioux Falls Airport wasn’t as excruciating as it sounds.) As I was waiting for my flight, however, I was watching a little girl, maybe 4-years old, running around with herContinue reading “Life. In Real Life.”

Some Perspective on Perspective

I’ve long said that perspective is easy to find and difficult to keep. Recently, it dawned on me why: Perspective has become an excuse not to find solutions for our problems. We often just sweep our challenges under the perspective rug instead of cleaning them up. Just because we’re grateful for what we have doesn’tContinue reading “Some Perspective on Perspective”