Back to the Fundamentals

Ding, dong the funk is gone…But, not before ending up getting sick. After being wiped out emotionally, mentally and spiritually for a week, it’s no surprise that my body inevitably gave out physically. So, I caught a reasonably bad cold. I was laid out for a couple of days and still have the leftover snifflesContinue reading “Back to the Fundamentals”

Crashing Plates, $600MM and Owning the Funk

My writing process is reasonably simple. I get a clear thought in my head, or I see/read/experience something inspiring and the resulting ideas come flowing through my fingers. When I don’t get that clear thought, however, when I don’t have some idea for an opening sentence…I can’t get started. It’s not even so much aboutContinue reading “Crashing Plates, $600MM and Owning the Funk”