Where are you FROM?

As many of these posts have found life, so begins this one: On a friend’s Facebook page. The attached picture of a 10-year old boy’s essay about “where he is from” was posted by his mom, my friend. I think it’s remarkable. Astonishing. And filled with a wisdom and a life lesson we would normallyContinue reading “Where are you FROM?”

Two Outs…Bottom of the Sixth.

It was the bottom of the last inning. Runner on second. Two outs. Two strikes on the batter. And the score was knotted at 1-1. Tension filled the stands. The pitcher toed the rubber, looking at his catcher and delivered a belt-high heater. Game over. The hitter knocked a walk-off single into left field. TheContinue reading “Two Outs…Bottom of the Sixth.”