On Flexing Your Perspective

As with the recent passing of a high school classmate, real life has a way of interrupting our routines. And when this happens, particularly when faced with a sudden death, we “find perspective.” We rediscover the importance of living in the present. We’re reminded about how fleeting time is. How short life is. Suddenly allContinue reading “On Flexing Your Perspective”

On Whitney Houston, Wasted Talent & More Thoughts on a Birthday Eve

I realize it may seem strange, but as the clock speeds toward 44 (that’s the big hand on the “oh f**k” and the little hand on the “oh crap”), I find myself thinking about Whitney Houston. (That’s all hands on the “WTF?”) It’s true. With my birthday looming large those thoughts of “what should haveContinue reading “On Whitney Houston, Wasted Talent & More Thoughts on a Birthday Eve”

Feeling the Burn (of 44 Candles)

“I can’t wait until I’m 10!” my son told me as we were driving to his friend’s sixth birthday party. When I pressed him to tell me what was so special about 10, he relayed enthusiastically, “Just because I want to be 10!” As I watched him bowl at the party, which was only aContinue reading “Feeling the Burn (of 44 Candles)”

“You’re Doing It Wrong!” A Look At Perspective

With a few years of parenting under my belt, one of my favorite movie scenes comes from “Mr. Mom.” As Michael Keaton adjusts to being a stay-at-home-dad and struggles to take care of his kids after losing his job, his son tells him, “You’re doing it wrong!” That’s how I feel about perspective. I oftenContinue reading ““You’re Doing It Wrong!” A Look At Perspective”

Some Perspective on Perspective

I’ve long said that perspective is easy to find and difficult to keep. Recently, it dawned on me why: Perspective has become an excuse not to find solutions for our problems. We often just sweep our challenges under the perspective rug instead of cleaning them up. Just because we’re grateful for what we have doesn’tContinue reading “Some Perspective on Perspective”

The Best of Family in the Worst of Times

Craig was, by all accounts, an amazing guy. Patriotic soldier. Committed husband. Accomplished carpenter. And…unbelievable dad. Yes, Craig and his wife (let’s call her Leslie) had three kids – all of whom were under the age of four when his helicopter crashed – the youngest, basically a newborn.