Avocado Toast

Kind of a blog, but not really. It’s a place for recent thoughts and experiences. One offs. Not a scroll. A place for my voice. Why “Avocado Toast?” For starters, I love avocado toast. It seems super simple. But done well? It’s got layers. Nuance. A range of flavors. Kind of like messaging. Kind of like voices. Plus, once, I thought of calling my agency Avocado with the tagline, “What a voice can do.” So there’s that.

Text exchanges that become posts #1248573

My friend Len Markidan (you know the guy who was briefly famous for his LinkedIn profile) asked me, “Do you have a working definition of what an authentic connection is? I’ve wondered that myself. I can’t get past a wishy washy description of how it feels, struggle to define what it actually is.”

I wrote back. “No. Because it is wishy-washy. It’s an aha (but I won’t say that—#IYKYK). It’s a feeling. That’s why I think of this work as Art. I work in the gray. Not the black and white.”

He asked a cool question, “What would a gallery exhibit of authentic connections look like?”

I said, “People meditating. Walking in nature. A hug. A consumer wearing a logo/brand. An employee participating (willingly) in DEI programs. Forgiveness. An apology. A packed football stadium. Safety. Tears. Vulnerability.”

And I added, “It’s the work we did and the stuff I helped you with — though I would do it better now than I did then.”

He knew what I meant and wrote back with a comment about the agency I co-founded, “Yeah that tracks. Every successful Skadaddle campaign got a brand to do something they were deeply uncomfortable with at first. It broke ground.”

I told him that, “This is uncomfortable work. And all painted by love.”

He concluded, “Yeah. There’s no growth without growth. Or something like that.”

“Or something like that.”

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